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The expert suggests to loosen a room to shift taxation policy
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Trade public figure expresses, estate market lasts low confuse a likelihood macroeconomic of be a burden on develops, accordingly, predict to there may be estate recently new politics come on stage. Those who adopt pair of public figures inside course of study interview, reporter discovery, "2 flatlet are borrowed " may become future new politics the key of the consideration.

Wait for price of key town house to drop continuously as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, whole estate market is in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " prices relay add is low fan, also make from this the industry related to estate gets bigger drag. Among them, suffer an effect most apparent is building materials, adornment and furniture industry.

The economy of industry of 1~8 month building materials that federation of Chinese housing materials publishs runs data to show, since this year area of product of share of building materials industry, part already presented demand to be not worth omen. In building materials in main product output, amplitude of cement, plate glass falls greatly, output of wholesome pottery and porcelain falls.

Get the furnished still industry with relatively apparent effect. Suitable heart is happy from it is one of centers of Chinese furniture production, and happy this year also appear to drop apparently from the sale of most furniture company. General manager of one furniture company tells place the reporter, sales volume drops to basically suffer two sides effect, it is exit drops considerably, another is inside need to be not worth, because buy bridal chamber whole,decrease to bring about the person that buys furniture to decrease directly.

Real estate is new politics hopeful near future comes on stage

The abidance that is aimed at estate market is low fan, analytic personage expresses, the government should be adjusted in time and publish new policy. Additionally the message says, mei Sheng of Nie of chairman of chamber of commerce of property of residence of countrywide business association discloses to media, the estate market that offers by the branch such as the residence and ministry of urban and rural construction is new politics hopeful is rolled out in next month. There is media coverage before this, this already submitted the plan that relaxes policy of house property adjusting control to the State Council, specific the restriction that includes to cancel pair of 2 flatlet, reduce house property duty and lengthen individual room to borrow repay deadline.

The expert suggests to loosen a room to shift taxation policy

When Han Shitong of advisory company general manager is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, investment of Guangzhou cold tung points out, current and character, those who clutch estate market lifeblood is main two policy, it is the room shifts policy 2, one is taxation policy. Han life says with the explanation, borrow in the light of 2 rooms, not be to say to should be unlocked completely, but to buying a house perfectively independently person for, should OK loosen appropriately, there is profit for the person buy a house that improvement of business of this pair of banks, development, need lives. On taxation, han Shitong thinks, make over inside 5 years increase the provision that collects 5% business tax, make current and secondhand room market trades not active, the cost of buyers and sellers and burden are heavy. And Gu Yunchang of vice-chairman of Chinese estate seminar also expresses, trend of domestic estate be issued to lower levels is clearer and clearer, want to prevent big cases to fall greatly, his individual suggests financial policy wants to restore normality.
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