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Is real estate new politics whether turn round declining tendency?
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This year since second half of the year, the local government such as Xi'an, Changsha, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou was rolled out in succession include to buy a room to enter door, decrease the duty, allowance that buy a house to wait inside " real estate is new politics " , with period the declining tendency that turns round estate market, carry brace up continuously low confuse clinch a deal quantity.

The act of local government got developing business and the support of the person that be eager to buying a house partly, but the doubt that also sufferred the expert inside many course of study. The proponent says, help city new politics be helpful for stabilizing the market, make Chinese economy avoids bigger glide risk; Anti expresses, new politics those who roll out a meeting to lengthen the person that buy a house is wait-and-see period, go against landed foamy extruding, aid turned industry venture.

Nevertheless, accept the expert inside the industry that cover to think, below the trend of macroscopical economy slowdown and asset value be issued to lower levels, these " help city " measure is in short-term inside change what estate market glides very hard to clinch a deal quantity, actually border action is not met too big. The whole of estate market is low confuse and adjust, can not turn round because of the measure helping city of specific city.

Anti: Lengthen wait-and-see period aid turn landed venture

The policy helping city that at present each local government publishs all includes to reduce house property to trade be on the move duty, reduce accumulation fund loan head pays proportion, relax of gold of land sell one's own things pay the content such as deadline and time limit of labour opening complete, some cities obtain finance even direct allowance buys room person. To this, the expert that objects helping city thinks, what these measure will extend the market is wait-and-see period, assist the venture that pushs estate market likely.

Yi Xianrong of researcher of institute of finance of company division courtyard thinks, value of domestic estate market purchasing power of housing of exorbitant, dweller is abate it is to came last year " manage money wait-and-see " , clinch a deal the amount is small the main reason that confuses a situation to appear. Only house price adjusts ability stimulation to differ the resident that pays ability is entered in succession, release actual demand in succession, carry brace up clinch a deal quantity. But the policy helping city of local government, the estate development business that makes capital is in an emergency likely continues " maintain forcedly " , this not only go against rise clinch a deal quantity, the risk of price of possible will tall house is transferred to financial system further.

The senior personage of a landed industry points out, current, trend of house price be issued to lower levels has been formed, the policy helping city that local government publishs, go against extruding estate bubble, release and dissolve a venture.
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