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Local government helps building city is a mantis trying to stop a chariot-overat
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Recently, local government saves the wind of building city to grow in intensity.

On October 14, 2008, hangzhou municipal government came on stage " a certain number of opinions that stabilize development about health of market of Hangzhou city estate " , include to buy a room to enter an executive limits to expand among them the duty capture allowance with give an individual to buy a house certain to old the city zone, government, relax room look forward to suffers let reach the series measure such as development time. With day, shanghai adjusts specified amount of loan of housing accumulation fund to spend upper limit again: Since this day, live oneself to be being bought for the first time housing and the forehead that the compensatory housing accumulation fund of the loan family that individual and 2 above participate loan borrows money spends upper limit to be adjusted from 100 thousand yuan it is 200 thousand yuan.

Local government saves city to begin from the Chongqing western, Xi'an, outspread go to mid Changsha, Wuhan, reappearance exhibits the Fuzhou with coastal southeast, Xiamen, now, spread to Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shanghai again, if resigned place saves building city act to spread, the policy of central many estate adjusting control that comes on stage before this will be worn thoroughly empty. In the center of from 2005 up to now policy of estate adjusting control, dissolve because of the boycott of vested interest group time and again, break his promise finally at civilian. If local government is the first in the center of antagonism, worsen not only housing the people's livelihood, make people be bitterly disappointed, also can make central authority is weakened by callosity.

Suffer effect of second debt crisis, when this age bound, no matter be the developed country such as European each country, United States, Japan, still be the developing country such as Vietnam, Thailand, house price lies drop in orbit, this is big trend makes like that, cannot defy. And the statistical data according to concerning a section, up to now, house price of China, wait for the area with not much amount to besides Shenzhen, Guangzhou, major place still is rising compared to the same period, just go up a hasten delay a few, clinch a deal the volume dropped a few just, below this kind of circumstance, local government goes helping building city, the nature of price of mechanical resistance house is adjusted, it is a farce that goes against economic law handle matters.

Local government saves city to will cause disastrous consequence.

Above all, escape to heat up money to smoke namely offer natural good opportunity. Current, as the aggravation of second debt crisis, global fluidity is constrictive aggravate, capital is compared agog from overmeasure value, bubble withdraw in serious asset. Illegally or forcibly occupy in city of our country building, had gained profit to heat up money rich and generously, earnestly needs perch to withdraw. City of our country building, it is the building city with the most serious bubble on the world. Income comparing is in U.N. and the house price that world bank thinks 3 times to 6 times it is reasonable level, price of more than 6 times house is too high. And the house value income inside 4 annulus of Beijing is compared is 27.8 times. This kind of circumstance is in our country very general. On September 24, the Chinese protects asset management company to release a report to say or state with certainty: Domestic house price can fall 10 years, shrink 50% be complete likelihood. I also write first year after year today civil point out: The position when the house price of a lot of Chinese places is equivalent to the stock market 6000 a little bit, altitude deeply cold. Local government saved building city as it happens to help heat help money big, and once hot money withdraws, chinese house price the abyss sink beyond redemption.
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