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Fatidical: The government saves building city to will erupt comprehensive societ
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10 years exceed in this industry, real estate obscures the issue with deep arrangement of covering a lot of society, will describe with too numerous to record not egregious also, someone says, real estate has made public enemy of the whole people, become the Mount Taishan that is pressed on head of Chinese common people, make the industry of be of the most heinous guilt, these words have probably some extreme, but fill those who divide demonstrative real estate to need radically reform truly really, need to be examined afresh, need returns to reason.

See two help the heavy pound news related city with the government today, it is Nie Mei Sheng divulges the may earliest next month central comes on stage first include to relax secondhand room credit inside special building city is new politics, it is Hangzhou publishs 24 measure that help city first. Tell the truth, see these two informations, hair of back letting a person is cool.

Current condition is, clinch a deal in city of a gleam of of National Day golden week the volume is overall " fall into enemy hands " hind, be immersed in between the person that buy a house and development business new round of deadlock. But it is constitutionally, of the central city such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou clinch a deal the backside with volume low innovation is development the anticipation that business moves to help city to the government. On one hand, development business still is in dead the price that carry a room, on the other hand, what the person that buy a house is awaiting house price is true drop, so, the bottom consensus of house price was not reached, it is to clinch a deal the reason place that estimates atrophy.

Where is bottom? I ever dropped in price of house of the judgement in rich guest 30% it is path cage, it is to be based on the 10 thousand divisions that early days takes the lead in depreciating, constant to wait for development business to be in greatly go against the outstanding achievement in situation, 2 it is to be based on the extent that reason of house price blame rose 2007, 3 it is a certain number of true investigation that are based on pair of person that buy a house, the information that releases from all sorts of channel looks, house price has not begun to drop generally truely, it is annulus comparing goes up only drop just, cold winter of occurrence building city is the thing of of course.

If administration is true the city saving a building of gamble, the likelihood brings about house price to soare again subsequently, and the panic that causes the person that buy a house very likely, serious step the track of an overturned cart 2007. Accordingly, must want to remind policymakers, whether to save building city to must consider these crisis factors, otherwise, chinese building city is sure to suffer disaster.

  The first, the general and corrupt behavior in building city.

The corrupt phenomenon of building city should belong to China most, of media exposure still be an iceberg only one horn. Undertake in building city money trades counterpoising, bring about corrupt, corrupt, decayed, it is those not just in succession nonofficeholding governmental official, more important is the challenge of force of public to official of social morality, government letter, be pair of harmonious societies is profanatory, if the government wants to help city, so, the compulsive penalty measure that should publish corresponding building city corrupt action.
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