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"Gold 9 " Shanghai 3 into the building dish cheapen clinch a deal decrease 7 int
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Be expressed great expectations originally " Jin Jiuyin 10 " in September, the estate business that allows Shanghai people disappointed.

Newest those who give heat is medium room index studies the report shows, room Shanghai aggregate index is 2025 a little bit in, relatively on the month drops at 23 o'clock, annulus comparing falls 1.12% , among them in index of room Shanghai residence is 1937 a little bit, relatively on the month drops at 23 o'clock, annulus comparing falls 1.17% .

Whole in September town builds housing to clinch a deal dimensions is nine hundred and twelve thousand three hundred square metre, relatively on the month reduces one hundred and ninety-two thousand five hundred square metre, annulus comparing clinchs a deal the area falls for 17.4% , with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year fall for 70.1% , relatively of the corresponding period of the year before last year fall for 52.2% ; Clinch a deal a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 8959,

In 141 investigation example, the apartment block that there is 32% in housing market dish occurrence price fall, fall on average for 3.3% , have 8 buildings dish unit price drops to achieve or exceed 1000 yuan / square metre, the biggest unit price drops it is 2000 yuan / square metre, fall achieve 6.7% , it is new short for the Jinghe River of north of area length peace board piece Zhong Mou building dish. There are 4 buildings in example dish go out to rise in price now, go up on average 2.4% . The garden is villatic kind property continues the month goes up drop each other sees, price divergent situation.

Like bridal chamber market, shanghai is secondhand the room also is to measure valence to drop together. According to Shanghai secondhand the data of room index office, shanghai is secondhand house price index is 2360 a little bit, annulus drops 25 a little bit than August, drop for 1.07% . 11 area share the urban district 7 give now to drop, drop on average for 0.56% , among them, drop an area of the largest the travel that it is Min, drop 1.91% . Except Jing Anhe Xu Hui rises respectively 0.67% and 0.17% outside, the others area still continues reduce a current. The analysis thinks, min travel area serves as secondhand of second bridal chamber supply large family, near future supply is increased, and skill room market has clear price fall, because this is secondhand,the room adjusts concentration at second bridal chamber, drive area from this secondhand house price whole drops.

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