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Is house appraised price lower is compensation taller?
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"After all with have oldly why to differ, I cared compensation after all how to much raise most, when can send again in one's hand " ... to " old house of Guangzhou city danger transforms the compensation that tear open change to find a place for the job coachs opinion (try out) " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , guangzhou citizen is resonant yesterday intense. To this, bureau of canal of city land room expresses, this " opinion " have not publish greeting citizen advise, and the compensation method with photograph active comparing, filling indemnity forehead wants tall, if be torn open,change person removes on time, "Completely capable to be bought so that the building is in a change that be torn open the skill housing inside administrative area " .

Not same:

Compensation standard rises considerably

Remove on time every square metre wins thousands of compensation more

Ocean netizen expresses: "What I care most is, how much did compensation rise probably now? When is compensation sent? " although this " opinion " did not make clear specific compensation standard, but transform reward and remove time limit award is done not have in active compensation, the active market that compensates a standard to just evaluate an orgnaization to give out assesses value, but this one so-called market evaluates valence to want to consider the building construction, factor such as depreciation, your old city transforms medium danger to defeat a room to assess value the meeting is inferior.

City rate place expresses about chief, "Assessing value use cost proceeds standard to the market compares a law to calculate and perhaps come according to standard of national estate rate, but anyway, had made clear old city this to transform compensation amount to be able to let be torn open the skill housing that change door buys place canton " .

And bureau of canal of city land room expresses, judging value this add on the foundation transform compensation to had been equivalent to building of house of the change that be torn open be in housing of administrative area skill to trade all valence (the market of before 3 months when danger old house transforms a decision to release trades all valence) , if remove on time, still can sum is obtained highest assess value for the market of 15 % remove time limit award, "So, total compensation amount compares room of this area skill all price is high still " .

And the basis is active " about editing building of house of Guangzhou city town tears open change lowest to amend a standard, remove the accessorial cost standard, announcement that finds a place for allowance expends a standard temporarily " , to cooperating those who tear open change actively inside time limit, the person that tear open change can win the award of the 5% less than that compensate amount only.

In addition, when to send to compensation, city land room is in charge of bureau eve to did not grant to make clear an answer, but premise is to want to sign compensation to find a place for first agreement, "And the uncertainty that is in than price difference of compensation of change settle accounts uses project cost or always finding a place for be put when room market sale price before, this compensation standard is specific, won't fluctuant, dispute will decrease " .
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