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Loan pressure is lesser partial bank " dark pine " in Xiaofang look forward to i
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Money is tightened up already was self-evident to the influence of estate company, but the thing is a few more occurrent also little change. To getting more easily source of market impact, financing particularly of confine medium or small for room look forward to, father originally a bank credit gate that seams closely, however stealthily open a aperture. These days, personages of many know the inside story sign up for a reporter to divulge to Shanghai negotiable securities, in the light of medium or small the estate of estate company is put shift policy, begin to become loose somewhat. "Put related original basis shift a criterion, the company that only should a bit does not accord with a requirement or project, affirmative won't loan. But nowadays, want to accord with decisive condition only, other can loosen. Other can loosen..

Development business also tells Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for a reporter, "The bank is put borrow have the sign that become loose. " the explanation according to him, former although good not easy application reachs a bank,borrow money, also must want when after opening to booking licence to allot ability loan; Now land " 4 card " all ready can get application to borrow money to the bank.

Personage of know the inside story discloses, the bank is faced in the credit pilot of Xiaofang look forward to is loosened somewhat truly. Introduce according to him, the estate company that applies for loan can undertake examine and verify according to relevant condition, need to accord with standard of main examine and verify only nowadays, partial requirement " can loosen " , this and once upon a time " cannot relax an any requirements " Yan Ke condition already had different.

Chief of department of loan of business of a commercial bank confirms to the reporter, he just extended to the small-sized estate company of a Jiang Zhe brushstroke millions of yuan money, mortgage rate is in 60% less than. And before this, he is already successive a few months pass business loan business without the hand. "It is relatively some easier now to examine and approve, my individual feels this paragraph of time directs some change, to high grade small and medium sized business, have certain response of policy ' give aid to ' the tendency and stretch measure. " his say.

Also banking group public figure explains, appear medium or small the phenomenon that room look forward to gets loan more easily, a main reason just is reduced as a result of bank financing liquidity, the individual loan that cannot provide oversize. "Opposite for, the part is medium or small the individual loan amount of the high grade project of room look forward to is small, put more easily instead. Project monomer still has a profit not quite, the project sells relatively fast also, still borrow relatively rapid also, with large company ' chronic ' default different. With large company ' chronic ' default different..

Press a regulation, when development business is applying for loan to the bank, need fundses raised by oneself scale is amounted to 35% . To development business, from purchase land to pay gold of sell one's own things to rise, till " 4 card " all and all ready, the capital during is paid bear by development him business entirely. And bank loan is in only " 4 card " all ready later ability loan, that is to say, the capital pressure that develops business basically is before be being centered at bank make loans. "If do not have bank loan, little room look forward to cannot make an item at all in. " business of a development to reporter calm bear.
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