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Loan of 8 cities accumulation fund realizes Liaoning " change with the city "
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The periphery that buys a house to thinking of Shenyang for the dweller of a few cities, july 30 is a special day, since this day, this world of mouth of saddle hill, n, Benxi, battalion, distant, Tie Ling, mound new the dweller of 7 cities can be in Shenyang deals with loan of ground of accumulation fund different to buy a house.

A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Han Ming of director of office of management center of Shenyang housing accumulation fund, he says, on July 17, shenyang and the controller of management centers of afore-mentioned accumulation fund of 7 cities housing were signed jointly " Liaoning is mid agreement of cooperation of accumulation fund of 8 cities housing " . The basic content of this agreement is the worker that puts housing accumulation fund in afore-mentioned 8 cities capture, between 8 cities different ground buys an individual to live oneself housing, loan of housing accumulation fund can apply for in the seat that buy a house, enjoy the active policy that accumulation fund of the seat that buy a house borrows money.

This year, government of Liaoning provincial Party committee, province put forward formally to be center, Liaoning with Shenyang mid 8 cities comprise " Shenyang economy area " strategic conception. The 8 cities collaboration in side of business of housing accumulation fund, open each policy is mixed between the city business " change with the city " . Allow ground of 8 townsman different to buy Fang Shen to ask accumulation fund to borrow money, the freedom that increased masses to choose a room to buy a house is spent, eased pressure of the capital that buy a house, satisfied the desire that broad masses lives and work in peace and contentment further.

According to introducing, good to do the good work of this benefit and common people, this center still will take integrated step, be on guard the risk of exceed the time limit that different ground accumulation fund borrows money. If capture puts management center of seat of housing accumulation fund to should open housing accumulation fund to management center of Shenyang housing accumulation fund,capture keeps a proof, prove capture puts its accumulation fund circumstance, debt situation and salary standard circumstance; The center that keep the land is providing pay while loan worker pay puts housing accumulation fund to prove, the housing accumulation fund that acceptance puts borrower pay, cannot repay normally in its when loan, use at repaying to be in the ground that buy a house the housing loan principal and interest of the management center. Additional, borrower must deal with building guaranty formalities in the seat that buy a house, attend exceed the time limit to assure. And, the center still will impose letter system through people bank, inquire circumstance of borrower individual reputation.

As we have learned, at present management center of Shenyang housing accumulation fund intends the work each already be in order, begin from July 30, can deal with 7 afore-mentioned townsman to conduct business of loan of ground of accumulation fund different in Shenyang.
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