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New " the building registers way " husband and wife of executive citizen care sh
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Every time new policy is carried out, want to cause the contention of time without one exception; And of every time new politics after carrying out, can begin appear inevitable bewilderment and deeply anxious. New " the building registers way " began to carry out yesterday. This, leading role is estate trades the staff members of the hall.

On July 1, li Li (alias) must face with her colleague new politics the first workaday business when arrival.

Li Li is management board of property right of building of the Changsha City a staff member of hall of 3 buildings government affairs. Begin from July 1, 14 windows that she is in, will accept house of commodity of purchase in advance formally the premonitory business that register -- this is " the building registers way " what after be being carried out formally, appear is brand-new the business that register.

Before this, she basically is to deal with contract of commodity house purchase in advance to put on record business. "After new regulation is executed, the flow change that business of a lot of development registers to the building is more bemused. And the operation according to us, the window is entered before July 1 and print according to original table, still undertake putting on record registering according to original order. And it is after July 1, will undertake according to new application form entirely. "

From consummate at 8 o'clock in the morning midday 10 when, li Li accepted house of commodity of 30 purchase in advance in all the premonitory business that register, "These are according to put on record before apply for to deal with, deal with into industry Wu according to new application form, still do not have. "

 Focus: Add inquiry segment

9: 5, hall of 3 buildings government affairs 14 windows.

Changsha grows long buy line of business the Zhang Zhihui that limited company is in charge of house property card dealing with, developing the working personnel of the company one case with additionally 4 before the window, seek advice to spot staff member about the premonitory matters concerned that register.

"Management board of property right of building of 6 the Changsha Cities had undertaken those who develop business groom last week, basically be change produced on form and flow, establish premonitory the name that registers this anew. " Zhang Zhihui says.

"Premonitory registering basically is to counterpoise truly. " Chen Liao of assistant director of exchange of estate of the Changsha City says formerly. According to introducing, after the new measure that register is carried out, added an inquiry newly on the program system, outside survey system registers link 2 times.

"In this premonitory application form that register, have the share that has an inquiry technically together to the circumstance of building property right of owner, share commonage appraisal to husband and wife especially. " taking " house of commodity of purchase in advance is premonitory the requisition that register " , zhang Zhihui says, "This also is my most bemused part. If be to belong to,share produce, so whether does both sides of husband and wife need to show up at the same time? "
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