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Dalian: Cheat the person that borrow cannot borrow money inside 5 years
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A few days ago, dalian city was announced " accumulation fund of Dalian city housing administers a certain number of regulations (draft) " full text, in order to listen to the opinion of social all circles and proposal. Among them, this draft involves the regulation of accumulation fund government of a series of relation the people's livelihood, include an unit to reduce capture to put scale to need labour union to pass, decide to specified amount of accumulation fund loan is spent and answer to ask for popular wishes extensively before deadline, aggrandizement accumulation fund executes the law superintend wait for multinomial measure.

Reduce capture to put scale to need classics labor through

Among them, execute the unit of minimum wage standard, its him worker can be avoided grant capture puts housing accumulation fund, the unit ought to be monthly wages base with minimum wage standard, put housing accumulation fund for worker pay according to formulary scale; Because the unit is serious deficit or be in the reason such as condition of stop production, half stop production, capture puts housing accumulation fund to have difficulty truly, need reduces capture to put scale or of delay capture, should discuss via workers congress or labour union through. Did not build workers congress or labor organization, should via all worker 3 above of 2 / agrees, sign up for examine and verify of accumulation fund management center. Unit cancel, disband or go bankrupt, accumulation fund should inspect the housing that its owe capture worker to owe worker pay to give with place repay. Unit amalgamative, schism, change make, ought to be worker filling pay not the housing accumulation fund that capture is put or little capture puts.

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