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Why is the Central Bank added breath?
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At present the monetary policy of the Central Bank has difficulty walking, its primary reason depends on the independent character of the Central Bank be not worth. "Control monetary firm inflation " it is the business that at present the Central Bank should do, but the Central Bank besides increase reserve step by step besides, appear and do not have his law.

The method of macroscopical adjusting control has been discussed repeatedly in the economics document of an immense number of books. When economic overheat outspread money is common practice when constrictive money, slump. And " tight money " have two big sides, it is little hair new fund, 2 it is the current money on market of much steam again, altogethering is to should decrease current medium money.

Before 2008 5 months, the Central Bank is in " little hair money " the respect is done and do not reach the designated position. Data shows, the rate that its send money actively exceeded endogenous of monetary demand add fast. Not only such, the Central Bank also was not done good " much steam again " money.

The practice of the Central Bank is to raise deposit reserve ceaselessly to lead, and the result that the fact that CPI rises step by step shows this one policy is not ideal. Of course, need considers the time lag effect of policy, but a small adjustment policy time area is lain between already a year superabundant, the accumulation of policy effect also was not shown. Be blamed?

So, why is the Central Bank added cease? Add breath the appeal that means a bank to be able to raise pair of moneys, achieve steam again thereby current the purpose of medium money, it is clearer that the expert of the Central Bank compares someone else apparently this. Come so, do not add cease to become afford for thought.

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