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Hangzhou policy of loan of housing accumulation fund is adjusted
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Policy of loan of accumulation fund of Hangzhou city housing is adjusted, whether to mean accumulation fund " tighten up " , does loan become difficult? The message that Hangzhou will cancel guaranty of compulsory insurance of loan of housing accumulation fund, house property to evaluate whether really, how many cost can you save? Yesterday, chief accepts special report of our newspaper reporter related management center of Hangzhou housing accumulation fund, adjust the question that answered Hangzhou citizen to care generally in the light of this policy.

Specified amount of loan of housing accumulation fund is spent after adjusting, a lot of people with " tighten up " , " from severe "

Will describe policy of new accumulation fund loan. "Ceiling of loan of Hangzhou accumulation fund still is 500 thousand yuan are not reduced, just put clearly now borrow execute by the person, by system of threshold specified amount, only when a family him worker accords with loan to file a requirement, highest loan limit is 300 thousand yuan, and worker and its spouse all accord with loan to file a requirement, limit of every highest loan is 500 thousand yuan. " chief expresses related office of government of credit of management center of Hangzhou housing accumulation fund, the purpose that this policy adjusts is to guide modest housing consumption, reduce worker housing to consume cost, make policy of accumulation fund credit more fair and reasonable, both neither is " tighten up " also do not have " from severe " .

According to management center of Hangzhou housing accumulation fund calculate, already registered the unit worker that builds accumulation fund system in management center of Hangzhou housing accumulation fund at present effective month capture is put the forehead is controlled 650 yuan every months in everybody, can achieve basically adjust the lunar capture to 438 yuan to keep frontal level since June 1. "What the effect suffers truly after policy is adjusted is home remedy capture puts accumulation fund merely and effective month capture puts the specified number the family under 438 yuan. " this controller expresses, adjust loan specified amount to spend, more family can let be benefited after matching credit side pattern.

According to Hangzhou housing actually committee of accumulation fund management will release on June 10 " the announcement about policy of credit of accumulation fund of farther perfect housing " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) in light of, to the first time buy a house and the area that buy a house is for the worker under 90 square metre, loan of the accumulation fund after policy is adjusted is not to become difficult to become easy however. Because Hangzhou housing accumulation fund borrows money will to economy applicable room is mixed general goods room tilts under 90 square metre, limitation discharges house kind housing, prohibit villa and blame residence ask housing accumulation fund to borrow money with Fang Shen.
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