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Accumulation fund of house of Beijing price fixing borrows money but head pay 10
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Management center of Beijing housing accumulation fund yesterday (on June 11) divulge, every buys the price fixing house under 90 square metre, when the person that buy a house applies for accumulation fund to borrow money, head pay scale needs to buy house fund only 10% can. Absolve at the same time highest 1500 yuan assessment is expended.

He Yubo of director of center of loan of accumulation fund management center expresses, accumulation fund management center had made favourable policy, with low income family buys price fixing house in support, among them the first favourable policy is to reduce head pay scale. The price fixing room under 90 square metre, the person that buy a house applies for accumulation fund loan, head pay need only 10% . Li Chiying of spokesman of news of center of city housing accumulation fund explains, carry out all the time via comfortable room but head pay the loan of 10% policy, price fixing room is new the policy sex housing that roll out, comfortable house of the policy of accumulation fund loan that its implement and classics is same.

With project of room of first price fixing -- 3 banners stay in garden of total division winner to be on the west exemple, its are sold all valence 6350 yuan / square metre, if the citizen buys an area to be the one house of 40 square metre, head pay a need 26 thousand yuan. Although buy the 3 house of the biggest 90 square metre, head Fu Ye does not cross 57 thousand yuan. Such, the citizen can use accumulation fund loan easily to buy price fixing house.

He Yubo still discloses, the accumulation fund loan that will wait for policy sex housing to classics comfortable room, price fixing room buys room person to absolve highest 1500 yuan assessment is expended. To let develop business can get in time returning a money, make sure classics comfortable room, price fixing room can be protected protect a quantity to be built on schedule character, accumulation fund center returns a regulation, loan of accumulation fund of policy sex housing does not suffer " the loan that seal a top " limitation. In addition, center of Beijing accumulation fund arrives to choose room spot office via comfortable room, price fixing room even at the appointed time, "Should buy room person only choosing a room to carried neat data that day, can do accumulation fund to borrow money that day relevant formalities. "

Build additionally according to city appoint divulge, this city the first batch of classics are comfortable this year room of 8000 flatlet source shake job of date choosing room is about to start. In addition, in the process that applies for price fixing room, archives is put in the personnel that sends a company to work in other unit however, its income and housing prove to answer by its the unit of long-term hold post is offerred.

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