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Disaster area room is borrowed can enjoy pay interest in the form of a deduction
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Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council will sign the 526th the State Council to make on June 8, announce " restore to rebuild after calamity of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River byelaw " , apply since the day that announce. This is our country first byelaw that after be aimed at calamity of earthquake of a place technically, restores to rebuild, will restore to rebuild after calamity the job brings into legal system to change course.

Legal system of the State Council does concerned controller to say, to ensure earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River calamity hind restores to rebuild the job is begun strongly, in order, effectively, active, reliable requirement of the life with restore disaster area masses normal, production, study, work, the refreshment of society of economy of stimulative disaster area and development, should mix to the law according to breaking out incident shock-proof the law that decrease calamity, enact this ordinance. Byelaw establish restore to rebuild after calamity working guidelines and basic principle, provided a series of systems and measure, it is various places after departmental door begins calamity, restore to rebuild action guideline of the job and important legislation basis.

Byelaw in all 9 chapters 80, cent is general principles, transitional find a place for, investigation is evaluated, restore to rebuild program, restore to rebuild carry out, financing raises to give aid to with policy, responsibility of supervisory management, law, supplementary articles.

Orders provision, restore to rebuild after seismic calamity ought to insist to be with the person this, pace of scientific program, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, cent is carried out, the policy that side of support of self-made, state, society supports and relevant principle. The allocation of construction of establishment of the means method that byelaw opposite crosses a gender to find a place for, find a place foringly dot optional location, form a complete set and capital and goods and materials is used etc make specific provision, temporarily abode, transitional find a place for the allocation of capital and goods and materials is mixed use, ought to make public transparent, announce regularly.

Restore to rebuild after calamity of work out earthquake when the program, will absorb concerned branch, expert to attend, listen to seismic disaster area adequately the opinion of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses; Major item ought to organize concerned respect expert to undertake special subject is proved.

Byelaw restored the specific duty in rebuilding to make specific provision after calamity to the government. Orders demand, the provincial people government of seismic disaster area, ought to plan to develop a standard with local economy society according to restoring to rebuild after seismic calamity, after measure ground organizes executive earthquake calamity, in a planned way, cent restores to rebuild. The State Council ought to support about the branch, the refreshment of disaster area of assistance, directive earthquake rebuilds the job. Government of people of prefectural class above ought to pass governmental investment, speak or sing alternately to assist, social collect, market is run wait for means to raise money restore to rebuild after seismic calamity capital.
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