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The building registers new measure: Register evidence effectiveness exceeds hous

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Will rise to execute new building to register way on July 1. As we have learned, according to new measure, building register will replace house property card, become the final proof with attributive building.
  Establish premonitory register prevent " one room 2 sell "
The personage inside course of study says, new " the building registers way " present a lot of window, among them the largest window is building register shows body building to register first, house property card is the exclusive and legal evidence of the building no longer, the evidence of building register card of house property of effectiveness general prep above. Because new " method " specific provision, building right belongs to the certificate, proof that register and building register account abhorrent, divide outside evidence proves building register has a mistake truly, it is with building register accurate. New " method " still establish premonitory register, regulation without premonitory the obligee that register agrees, punish of this building, do not produce matter right effectiveness. During this ensured a building effectively to agree, the building trades the stability of the relation, prevent " one room 2 sell " wait for behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the building obligee such as the person that buy a house better.
  Minor house-owner can acquire building right legally
The building of minor house-owner is registered did not make clear a regulation all the time in our country, new " method " the building that makes clear minor first, ought to apply for to register for you by its guardian, guardian applies for minor building to register for you, ought to submit the data that proves guardian identity, apply for to register because of punish minor building, what still ought to provide minor benefit is written assure, protected minor house-owner to obtain the rights and interests of building right legally. New measure is specific still, rural villager is used curtilage the villager housing that base builds and the building application building that use other and collective all construction to be built with the ground lawfully are registered, can be in charge of a branch to undertake registering to the room likewise.

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