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Market of estate of governmental adjusting control should have held " 4 are spen

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The pillar industry of economy of countryman of real estate since, also be the fundamental industry that affects the people's livelihood, it is the important category of the national economy and the people's livelihood. Below the big setting that fluctuates often in current and complex domestic and international economic situation and estate market, special need strengthens estate market adjusting control and construction of estate base system. I combine Chongqing estate to develop a case, talk about a few view.

Market of estate of governmental adjusting control should have held " 4 are spent "

Strengthen estate market adjusting control, promote its health to stabilize development, it is the main responsibility of local government. In specific practice, we formed the working principle of 4 effective, had held namely " 4 are spent " .

The first, adjusting control estate develops rhythm, the 25 % that should not exceed this city fixed assets to invest amount with estate investment is degree. Estate develops the main carrier that is urban construction. Current, our country is in the growth that the city influences, growing phase, large-scale estate develops be urban progress to need the road of classics. But to a city character, no matter grow,get how fast, development how swift and violent, annual estate investment should not exceed its fixed assets to invest the 25 % of amount. Had held this " degree " , estate market can stabilize development continuously; If exceed this " degree " , estate market appears probably " bubble " . This principle, can trying to prove with mathematical model on economics. Chongqing from insist to had held this job principle from beginning to end since 2002, practical effect is very good. 2002, the fixed assets of Chongqing always invests is 100 billion yuan, estate investment occupies 23 billion yuan; Invest 129 billion yuan always 2003, estate invests many yuan 300; Invest 160 billion yuan always 2004, estate invests 40 billion yuan; Total 2005 investment 200 billion, estate invests 50 billion; Invest 250 billion yuan always 2006, estate invests 60 billion yuan; Invest 320 billion yuan always 2007, estate invests 80 billion yuan. This year, predicting fixed assets invests amount to be controlled in 360 billion yuan, and estate invests even if 90 billion yuan are controlled. This is not coincidence, it is the hand that the government sees this so that see the result in macroscopical adjusting control. We might as well go contrasting with this principle other city, always estate investment invests the proportion in amount to exceed 25 % in fixed assets, achieve 30 % even - of 50 % , estate bubble with respect to clearly. If do not fall investment of expensive proportional estate, hold the post of bubble to expand, otherwise a few years, estate market can die dish. The scholars that study estate should pay close attention to this rule more. If did not do thorough research to discuss estate bubble with respect to without foundation to this rule, it is unscientific.

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