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"11 " 4 measure clean out room law
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"Now, it is the optimal option that common people buys a house period! " on September 21, when university of distinguished economist, Tsinghua teachs Wei Jie to go to Chongqing survey, say or state with certainty. Look in him, of the market low confuse get out of the way to send business to must drop frame work, the area that consumer buys a room to be able to offer an alternative at present is very large, can live around his better or invest demand to buy housing. This character gets inside and outside of course of study mostly the personage's self-identity. Watch Jinan instead, the face fights each other fold, privilege flies all over the sky, with in former years different " 11 " building city, is consumer specific how should clean out a room? The proposal takes 4 following step:

Measure one: Hit out with all possible means, collect is hit break news

This year, pressure of development business capital is great, for steam again capital, the privilege of source of of all kinds room, dozen fold information to come on stage in succession, but alleged " random flower gradually desire glamorous look " , room source is much, privilege is much, mean the collect information, workload that chooses information to become very big.

The search hits fold, the channel of favourable information has a few sides: It is an area inside see a room, search dozen break news. Alleged piece the room sees inside the area, it is to show those will bought room target lock to decide the consumer in a certain area, suggest along oneself in holiday good traffic line is examined; 2 be advertent newspaper or network dozen break news. Before the section, each development chamber of commerce is released in all sorts of media and website " 11 " dozen break favourable news.

Measure 2: Hope to hear ask cut, discriminate dozen break news

Current, the building city that consumer eyeball is full of on the market depreciates sales promotion, consumer wants " hope to hear ask cut " . Understand namely hit truely break news, see additional requirement what have, computational privilege extent. Some buildings dish dozen fold measure design to get without solid worth, know exactly about sth is great ceremony, make a person enchanted unceasingly, actually a little favourable measure looks be like inviting, but actually via removing deliberate. If have some of building at present dish roll out the favourable measure that buys a room to send a garage, look be like material benefit not small, but if this village basement is brought into,project of people's air defense plans, earning at best is the access inside period of time only, is not the subterranean garage of whole property right. Still have, some hitting fold a room to approach a road, blemish of room design existence.

Hit in breaking a house, must beware trap of special offer room. Special offer room often the price is inviting, and amount of the demonstrate when be being publicized commonly is limited, such meetings drive the passion of the very much person that buy a house. But the person that buy a house cannot be ignored because of the material benefit of the price other, should having a look at character after all is what kind of. The person that the proposal buys a house inspects special offer room on the spot, for instance house measure, quality, door model, the position, not only for spare cash try to save a little but lose a lot.
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