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Whether did the opportunity that buy a house already show?
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One, lower interest to affect geometry to building city? Whether did the opportunity that buy a house already show?

Pluvial hind small fine: Chinese people bank announced recently, reduce a RMB to borrow money standard interest rate and in reserve of deposit of RMB of small finance orgnaization is led. This is since 2004 Chinese Central Bank reduces loan first standard interest rate, also was 2003 since reduce deposit reserve to lead first. This policy, "Administration relieves the first condition of city " , " policy untie a person, building city spring comes " , " should capture the good space buying a house after lowering interest " wait for positive point of view to diffusing whole estate market.

Claim inside course of study: The opportunity that buy a house already showed, estate market can be the vested interest that lowers interest this person, and suggest consumer should seize the good now opportunity that buy a house. Below inflationary pressure, lowering interest this is the strong lever that enlarges consumption, use in the center of loosen policy to alleviate current market spending is low a when confuse " timely rain " , it is good to the benefit of estate news more. And, the Central Bank still can consider to continue to reduce deposit reserve to lead, in order to spur the demand with powerful market. Such really?

Kill two hawks with one arrow: Whether to state to lowering interest this the government already moved to save building city, the author thinks, this does not mean a government to already moved to save building city. The purpose that lowers interest because of this is to enlarge home to consume demand, in order to stimulate Chinese export trade, this is not the skill with pure government helps city, but estate market can be the vested interest that lowers interest this person, the stock market also can get benefit from which.

Complicated and confusing: And house price can be denied be affected, be pick up or be to continue to glide, still cannot decide. But OK and affirmative is Central Bank this action sure meeting makes building city clinchs a deal the quantity picks up somewhat, estate market also can restore health gradually. Whether is now already the fine inning that buys a house? Whether should consumer move in time to seize this opportunity?

  2, adjusting control conception, attack and defence have both, is development business glad to be vogue early?

Big wrist comments on: Pan Shige says, the Central Bank reduces loan standard interest rate and deposit reserve are led it is complete in anticipation, but be being adjusted this basically is to be aimed at environment of whole and macroscopical economy. In recent years the country is in mortgage, the respect such as tax cost implements limitative policy to estate, if real-estate industry is stagnant still,did not come for some time, the country still can publish policy of more untie a person. It is Chinese economy or global economy without giving thought to at present not hopeful, the Central Bank reduces loan interest rate and deposit reserve rate meaning is stimulating whole economy environment, this is interest good news absolutely to development business. Because the capital catenary of development business is general now nervous, and loan interest rate is reduced is very good message for the development business that lacks cash extremely to, mean the interest rate that borrows money from the bank lower.
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