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Buy a room to hide for child choose school risk (graph)
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Hide for course of study of buy of child choose school risk (graph)

Room learning an area " let a lot of student parent scramble for sth

"Child next year is about to go up elementary school, hear in the name school periphery buys a house can nearby enter a school, although house price is bit more expensive, but as long as can enter a school we plan to buy. " Ms. Qiu that in Beijing firm of a design works says.

With Ms. Qiu idea the similar person that buy a house is absent a few, the reporter interviews discovery, every begin to new school year, the house property market of periphery of key middle and primary school is entered new round contend. In whole of market of current Beijing estate low below confused big environment, "Room learning an area " still let a lot of student parent scramble for sth. To this, the personage inside course of study reminds, course of study of buy learning an area has a risk, because each learn standard of enter a school of area, school differ, buy house learning an area and enter a school of not certain quite can successful nearby.

  "Room learning an area " the sell like hot cakes in the small town that confuse a building

The reporter understands from company of intermediary of house property of Beijing much home, inside nearly two months, the house property market of the school periphery such as elementary school of the first experiment suffers attached middle school of National People's Congress, Beijing fully attention, among them secondhand room market relatively bridal chamber market wants a lot of more fervent, the advisory quantity, quantity that register all has inn of circumjacent broker company door to rise apparently, the client that has buy trade demand because of child enter a school among them was held quite scale, already clinching a deal also held in house property quite portion.

According to " catenary home is landed " data of statistic of center of market research and development shows, enter since September, secondhand room market phase is compared get warm again after a cold spell of the corresponding period is apparent August, whole clinchs a deal rise to become the left and right sides, and center to key middle and primary school " room learning an area " , clinch a deal rise more remarkable. Among them, the half moon before September, zhongGuanCun, east wait in market of straight door, banking, peace " room learning an area " concentration area is secondhand the room clinchs a deal the volume all rises two into the left and right sides. In the meantime, "Room learning an area " focus section rent clinch a deal to also go tall further, clinch a deal compared to the same period the volume rises generally 2 to 3 into.

"I love my home " the staff member tells a reporter, what there can be the parent every year to come round to seek advice from a school periphery before new term terms begins is secondhand room, the elementary school of ZhongGuanCun, Beijing house property that learns an area mainly trades very active also, because this house price is relevant also taller.
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