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Buy a room not to pass a house that lived 7 years actually oneself became defend
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7 years ago, between acquaintance buying and selling a house not change the name of owner in a register; Shape of former nowadays house-owner tells the person that buy a house, the requirement is returned return a house. Yesterday morning, open a court session of court of district of Zhengzhou city Central Plains hears this case, did not adjudicate on the court.

Incident: Bought what the room is sold a house 7 years however to accuse

On September 21, 2001, acquaintance of health gentleman classics introduces, zhengzhou city west station was bought in spending 37 thousand yuan of Cong Yangming hands east the house that a 50 square metre control the market. Health gentleman and

Yang Ming still signed a portion at that time " building business agreement " . Autograph agreement that day, health gentleman made money of 37 thousand yuan of house, but did not deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register.

This year on June 26, yangming's couple tells health sir court, requirement court affirms they are signed at the outset " building business agreement " invalid, ask health gentleman is returned return a house, reason is wife of Shi Yangming selling a house not know the inside story. "Because be of acquaintance introduction at the outset, feel embarrassed urge do procedure of change the name of owner in a register. " health gentleman says.

Be in actually on November 21, 2006, health gentleman accuses Yang Ming to court of Central Plains district, the requirement deals with formalities of building change the name of owner in a register, court of first instance supported his demand, but this year on January 30, zhengzhou city quadrangle adjudicates both sides is signed " building business agreement " invalid, health gentleman mentions to province tall courtyard then appeal.

With respect to on record inside appeal period, health gentleman was accused by Yangming's couple again court. According to introducing, yesterday morning, the agent of health gentleman puts forward, signing an agreement at the outset is bilateral and true meaning expresses, and health gentleman has honorred the agreement, on time consign house money, and dealing with formalities of change the name of owner in a register is the other side does not honor the agreement cause.

  Phenomenon: The house rises in price secondhand the room makes over dispute grow in quantity

"That house was worth 37 thousand yuan in September 2001, be worth 170 thousand yuan now. " health gentleman says, the main reason that Yangming's couple brings a lawsuit against is house price rose. Those who not allow to ignore is, in recent years, as Zhengzhou house price all the way violent wind rises, because make over,collect money room, secondhand the lawsuit that applicable room initiates room and economy is increasing. According to not complete count, because of secondhand the room makes over caused house property lawsuit, at present two class court of justices of Zhengzhou town have 200 many cases, it is for the most part in cognizance.
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