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Single month has entered ten thousand and two kinds of plan to buy a house
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Case: Ms. Zhang this year 29 years old, in east a foreign enterprise of straight door goes to work, lunar income 13000 yuan, have 200 thousand yuan stockpile, assistance of family member of the end of the year bought a car last year. She hires a house to live around An Zhen now, chummage 2000 yuan / month, the expense of every month traffic, food is controlled in 1800 yuan, the charge of dinner party of the individual consumption that every month secures, favor makes an appointment with 1500 yuan, the force that Ms. Zhang plans to rely on her inside nearly two years recently buys a house, a person lives, traffic is convenient can, but hope easy is measurable a few taller. Ask, how to do ability to realize buy course of study to plan?

The ability that buy a house evaluates: Income of Ms. Zhang month is in 13000 yuan, group of the good-paying in belonging to, the fixed charge of every month is 5300 yuan, balance 7700 yuan, at the same time Ms. Zhang has had 200 thousand yuan stockpile, and her target is to buy a house property that he lives, the small family that general 40-60 smooth rice influences can satisfy, from the point of this two respects, ms. Zhang is had pay ability certainly. If only with 200 thousand yuan of Ms. Zhang saving serves as now buy a house head pay, according to head scale computation of Fu Sancheng, the house property that Ms. Zhang can buy is controlled in 600 thousand yuan. To this, the expert puts forward especially the following two kinds of plan that buy a house:

The plan that buy a house one: Serve as with 200 thousand yuan head pay, buy average house to live as soon as possible

In this kind of plan, suitable house property type basically has two kinds, one kind is house property urban district of distance of newer, position is further, beijing of commendatory typical area hopeful, know the extent such as the city, secondly at present price of hand room small family house is 12000 yuan respectively / smooth rice, 10000 yuan / smooth rice, ms. Zhang can buy 50-60 to make the same score rice " second bridal chamber " one-room flat.

Another kind of choice is to buy the house property of public house village that is located in the urban district, have total inferior, circumjacent traffic and the advantage with life mature form a complete set, commendatory area has north 3 annulus An Zhen, east pine of 3 annulus interest, at present small family all valence is 13500 yuan about respectively / smooth rice, 12000 yuan / smooth rice, the small family that Ms. Zhang can buy 40-50 to make the same score rice. If piece lady head Fu Sancheng, she needs 400 thousand yuan to borrow money to the bank, according to loan 20 years, standard interest rate, principal and interest waiting for the forehead will calculate, specified amount of reimbursement of Ms. Zhang month is 3303.5 yuan, occupy the 1/4 of individual month income, more reasonable.

The plan that buy a house 2: Scrape up two years head pay, buy the small family inside the urban district boarding house
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