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Teach you to buy a building to not be in an unfavorable situation
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The citizen state of mind of building city trend

According to " Chinese estate signs up for " report, 10 thousand inflict of Shanghai " greet mid-autumn " the name leaves 8 mansions to the banner dish all fronts depreciates. Sales promotion returns a money two days namely 268 million yuan. Meanwhile, hangzhou, Ning Bo and Nanjing and other places, also come out in succession building of 10 thousand families dish depreciating message. Among them, hangzhou building dish the biggest discount 7.3 fold.

When believing to become the personage inside Guangzhou course of study and citizen to see these stories, perhaps can have be like the feeling that ever was acquainted. Because of similar issue, was in Guangzhou early to happen before large half an year, depreciate the building that extent exceeds 40% dish already did not calculate infrequent, a price, luxurious the sales promotion gimmick such as great gift bag more had been used to acme by Guangzhou development business.

10 thousand divisions depreciate cause scare buying tide

Guangzhou development business follows suit depreciate

Will begin in November from last year, 10 thousand divisions are in Guangzhou new-blown building dish include golden region La Wan, 10 thousand divisions aureate Kang Yuan and 10 thousand divisions are aureate Li encloseds ground for growing trees, all with the price open quotation that anticipates under the market. For instance aureate Kang Yuan mixes 10 thousand divisions 10 thousand divisions are aureate Li encloseds ground for growing trees with 14000 yuan / the price open quotation that square metre controls, let 15000 yuan bear for a long time / the scramble for sth of Li bay dweller of price of high-rise of square metre above. A few in 10 thousand divisions new dish with the low open quotation at that time hind, other development business also must adjust the price all round, the behavior of 10 thousand divisions becomes the first piece of domino that causes Guangzhou floor price to drop.

At this late hour sees the value that 10 thousand divisions are in Guangzhou at that time again, already did not feel they are the delegates of low, it is cheaper that Bimoke's building sells, the development business with rapidder shipment cans be found everywhere. For instance An Yuandong greens jade Gui Yuan, almost Zhou Zhou is whole town autograph makes an appointment with champion, its 4000 yuan / the surveyor's pole that the foreign room price that square metre controls becomes whole floor city to consult. For instance golden alluvion is mixed two buildings of Guangzhou highway north dish, when the piece price that pushs newly 2008 all compares highest peak, fell almost half, cause those who buy the home to contend for time and again grab.

Guangzhou citizen state of mind is better

Reason treats perch to enter town

The near future, because price of each district floor drops in succession, the message that the owner that enters town in perch asks to develop business to compensate for also common occurance. Although Guangzhou also has owner to ask to develop business to make compensation, but the incident of wholesale condemn development business did not happen it seems that however. As we have learned, guangzhou owner and development business slip with respect to floor price compensatory question has not happen large-scale conflict to basically have two respects reason: The state of mind that is Guangzhou citizen on one hand is better. Because Guangzhou is the forward position of market economy, be being returned to the stock market without giving thought to is fund market, or be building city is remittent, experienced and knowledgeable Guangzhou citizen has compared a habit. And it is business of a few development on the other hand the owner that enters town already actively to perch put forward to send decorate, rise decorate standard and send the compensation such as administration fee measure, better land pacified the mood of owner.
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