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What kind of house should the 80 youths after search?
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According to the report, "80 hind " one belt person, already moved toward maturity gradually nowadays, in these crowds, some already parenting, some also is about to enter marital hall, so, condition of a kind of what kind of life is present everybody?

Occupy statistical data to show, from buy room demand to go up at present in light of, "80 hind " became the current main force that buy a house almost, their intent that buy a house is very intense, this basically lives at present with them closely related condition. From the point of the current requirement that buy a house, main also component is two kinds big: One kind is to purchase marriage house first, one kind is to purchase improvement housing first.

  Purchase marriage house first: House total prices should be in bear in capacity limits

Xiaowang and small Zhang Suan are " 80 hind " medium " elder sister of hand-hold portable telephone " level figure, after the university graduates, they stay in Beijing development with respect to the choice, the lunar income of two people adds up now control on average in 10000 yuan, because was about to marry immediately, they also are in all the time advertent oneself marriage room, consider at present price of whole of Beijing building city still is on the high side, buying skill house is not very stable, cannot enter in time again, still have be faced with decorate wait for a lot of problem, they were in look focusing finally of Beijing secondhand building city.

Adviser of senior buy estate expresses, such pieces of small like small Wang He circumstance is very much, they compare stability in the income of Beijing, and had certain stockpile, buy meaning all along to look from theirs, I love my home to think, second bridal chamber will be the biggest demand of this kind of crowd, plus this part " 80 hind " the crowd pays attention to the life atmosphere all round and the requirement such as establishment of all sorts of form a complete set very again when choosing the residence, what I love my home to not was aimed at this part crowd to recommend area of a few keys especially is high-grade slant small family second bridal chamber consults for everybody, the total prices that can avoid to hold high already can ease month of reimbursement pressure that offer again.

Besides afore-mentioned list, I love my home to express, city of olive of • of division of front courtyard of • of sunshine of the garden of ooze of Ji Jing • that resembles area visitting capital, Atlantic new city, intelligent cereal, face, be in harmony; In the strong loose village of strong loose area, farming light, in Song Yu, near Pan Jiayuan, Hua Wei, current average and secondhand transaction value is in 12000 yuan / smooth rice, 13000 yuan / between smooth rice, no matter afore-mentioned area are the development consideration from living environment or future, it is the area that everybody can pay close attention to. I love my home to express, be in like afore-mentioned area door model go up to also be had agile alternative, everybody is OK also the house that suits oneself according to oneself economy capacity chooses appropriately.
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