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Buy secondhand the room must take care your " intent gold "
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If think recapture 20 thousand yuan of deposit, with respect to the house that can buy this next quality to assure hard only, if be not bought, 20 thousand yuan hit water to float, the choice of this be in a dilemma lets a citizen Mr Wu at a draught muddled.

Let Mr Wu " suffer unexpected personal financial losses " is he takes a fancy to a in city Na Gang a few days ago secondhand room, he thinks a son to be used when marriage room so, after seeing a room for the first time, feel pretty good still, paid 20 thousand yuan intent gold to intermediary company then, let intermediary and house-owner talk about price. After 5 days, mr Wu sees a room again, discover the ceiling has leakage appearance surprisingly, among them one establishs a range much also gave a break. Mr Wu puts forward not to want this to cover a house immediately, but who knows intermediary to tell him however, intent gold can turn automatically after 3 days for deposit, already spent time now, it is OK that Mr Wu does not buy a house, but these 20 thousand yuan of deposit will be irrecoverable.

"Intermediary company still says solemnly at that time, if I am right the house is dissatisfactory, intent gold is OK go back, how to become now such? " Mr Wu wanted to defeat a head to also do not understand.

As we have learned, in secondhand the room trades in the process, to express the good faith of the person that buy a house, the person that house property intermediary often asks to buy a house is in sign secondhand intent pays gold before house business contract, make clear on relevant receipt " intent gold turns automatically deposit " clause, and intermediary won't inform the person that buy a house actively mostly this clause, express only " intent gold is OK those who retreat " , bring about consumer one not careful was duped, give money easily paid go out. In fact, "Intent gold " although not be equal at " deposit " , but turn according to bilateral agreement for " deposit " hind, the person that buy a house goes back on his word not to want to buy this to cover a house like midway, close not to answer this " deposit " . Meanwhile, the room source authenticity of current intermediary company is very god-given still to assure, sell the home to hang out his shingle to often need a phone only can, and before signing building business contract intermediary company also won't is opposite the true and false of house property card undertakes checking, inside proper time, intermediary company is collection " intent gold " , "Active advantageous position " also be to be on its hand.

Citizen chapter is born with first meet unexpectedly so worry of one picket nest. This year June, he took a fancy to a city a east secondhand room, both sides has talked about the price, chapter gentleman also paid 20 thousand yuan to serve as deposit below the proposal of intermediary company, sold the home to open receipt, formal contract is signed after agreeing 3 days. Cannot think of, the home sells not to know whereaboutldirection unexpectedly after 3 days, of the mobile phone respondent it is all the time " the user that you dial already closed machine " , the address that registers by house property card goes searching to discover however is not house-owner at all. Chapter gentleman finds intermediary theory furiously, but intermediary also very grievance, before because turning intent gold,be deposit, they are the true bogus that won't go checking information of house property evidence.
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