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The program that buy a house 8 paces music
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The first pace, get Lou Panxin breath, on-the-spot make an on-the-spot investigation

Basically understand materiality content, if expand business, a sector of an area, price, house model, dimensions appeals to beg etc, do not be puzzled by the ad saying of give an extravagantly colourful description, false advertisement place.

The 2nd pace, examination " 5 card " sign subscribe book with development business

The requirement develops business to issue " 5 card " , namely " state-owned land uses card " , " construction uses ground program permit " , " licence of construction project program " , " permit of construction project construction " and " commodity house is sold (open to booking) licence " . After looking, feel to be no problem, can sign subscribe book with development business.

The 3rd pace, autograph buys room contract

Read every treaty carefully, notice contract blank is in the content that development business fills in especially, be like: Make room date, actual measurement area and of short duration measure the error of the area, responsibility of breach of contract is clear wait for a problem. Need to provide relevant data only can, like Id, booklet of registered residence, marriage certificate (maiden proof) , personal seal, income proves to wait.

The 4th pace, contract that buy a house is registered put on record

By development business trades to house property the center is dealt with.

The 5th pace, pay or deal with mortgage formalities (notarization and insurance)

The bank borrows money: Average loan is dealt with by development business full-fledged member, have fun at, capable the word is OK oneself go dealing with. If be to develop business to do sth for sb, you need to provide relevant data only, like Id, booklet of registered residence, marriage certificate (maiden proof) , personal seal, income proves to wait.

Safe: Be based on the requirement of loan bank, the gold of insurance of insurance company pay that arrives to cooperate with the bank, provide data, sign affix one's seal. Relevant data has: Agree tax pay taxes declares watch, building to rent the application form that register, a power of attorney that register, requisition that register.

Notarial: The notary organization that goes setting (some development chamber of commerce asks notary organization personnel to buy room spot to undertake notarization) after providing relevant data, sign affix one's seal, the lawful sex that trades with notarial buyers and sellers and just sex. Attention: The Party B in the contract that buy a house must all oneself arrive notarial spot.

The 6th pace, control a building

Examine building quality seriously, should ask to develop business to show at the same time " building complete checks and accept certificate " , " enter license " , " residential guarantee of quality " and " residential operation instruction handbook " .
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