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Exceed 6 to buy clothbound house into refus of the person that buy a house
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The person that Beijing buys a house is right can those who reduce cost is resource conservation, complete decorate finished product room to appear not feel grateful, be because bring about,He Yuan decorate finished product room to be approbated in Beijing field completely degree low? When can capital floor city just come true to decorate finished product room completely gain ground?

The person that buy a house for solution is in charge of a branch to initiate promotion to the country " decorate finished product room completely " accept rate, undertook the network is investigated, the result shows, state future will choose decorate the person buy a house of finished product room completely clearly, what occupy all investigation participator only is close 4 into, and be close to from time to tome together buy semifinished product house with apt of the proportional person that buy a house. The quality problem that appears repeatedly, machine-made decorate style, opaque price and lack the reason such as long-term after service, the person that let buy a house abandoned decorating finished product room completely.

  Decorating quality problem is heart knot

As buy the eastpart part the earliest the owner of some clothbound grail, mr Liu began the life of irritated heart when clothbound residence consign. "Receive the discovery when the room, bathroom door is seamed with what there is 1 centimeter many between the wall, droplight also is bad, wall paper has not stuck a half, problem one pile. " Mr Liu recollects the setting at that time, still do not conceal the disappointment of pair of clothbound residences, although the problem was solved later, but a scar still left in his heart, so that the little sister buys a house again later when, he suggests strongly to choose semifinished product room.

In the person buy a house that participates in network investigation, buy decorating the worry with finished product the biggest house completely is quality problem, the person buy a house that nearly 7 is become chose this. And the personage inside course of study's general consensus is, see a development business actual strength is strong, see him dare make clothbound room, be being decorated because of the residence is one involves the job with project numerous content, have a bit can create quality problem carelessly, stir a fire only to burn oneself-court disaster. The some development business that has tried clothbound room development in Beijing says frankly, the problem when the clothbound room delivery that project early days makes really a lot of, "Do not please painfully " , give oneself to avoid picky, their project later period changes consign of semifinished product room entirely.

The clothbound of Beijing repairs room project to there has been issue almost when consign, but not be everybody resembles Mr Liu same " lucky " , quality problem can get appropriate is solved finally, once appear problem, the dispute of prolonged avoids hard, and the quality problem that solves hard more affected the following living easy measurable, this also makes the person that buy a house awe-stricken to decorating finished product Fang Xinsheng completely.
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