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Has been the house jumped over nearly more from the subway?
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The subway 10 lines first phase be about to be open to traffic, can change accordingly in the people that along the line works hire, even " painful be determined " buy flatlet? The expert reminds, no matter be to hire a room to still buy a house, want to maintain the distance with subway site appropriately.

My chummage saves 10 lines half

Come on the stage character: Mr Yang, 28 years old, working unit is in ZhongGuanCun, IT worker.

Character an account in one's own words:

My working unit is in Suzhou street, before because income is finite, do not have method, close with the classmate in the view that answer dragon lease a building. Although answer Long Guan to have the subway, but do not receive Suzhou street continuously, I get every sky class to be changed from 13 lines public transportation. Everybody knows ZhongGuanCun city of the computer there, school is quite much, at ordinary times traffic is like snail slow, became simply then to commuted rush hour " a pot of porridge-a complete mess " . I shift to an earlier date 2 hours to go out everyday, return so that be late occasionally, it is depressed really!

To can sleep a little while more in the morning, do not be late to assure to go to work, for... go up salary I moved. New home is very close really from the unit, walk also with respect to 10 minutes, the environment is quite good, it is hire very expensive very expensive, it is the half of my salary almost. When paying rent every time, I am aching unceasingly!

Although I go up again this year salary, can nod money to buy a room to marry son's wife for much save money, I or decision reduce chummage expenditure appropriately. Accordingly, since hear of the subway 10 lines have station hind around the unit, I am in all the time the house that takes care along the line, the hope leases a cheap building in not far place. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person. The peony house that I stand in peony house eventually found a two rooms in north the house of one hall, lunar hire just 2600 yuan, should save than the chummage before me near half! And, below my go canvassing, present close hire a person to also plan to move together with me, the chummage below the province is good buy a house.

Hey! Next month, I was about to move! Yesterday, I go to a village again periphery turns, peony occupies the installation of life form a complete set here very all ready also, all ready like a few large supermarkets, bazaar, bank and hospital all. Though move hind should rise early everyday half hour, but think of such crossing 3 years 5 carry, I can buy bridal chamber to marry son's wife, very pleased with oneself still is in the heart.

The room chooses my marriage to go up in 10 lines

Come on the stage character: Desolate lady, 27 years old, working unit is near Yan Sha, hotel administrator.

Character an account in one's own words:

I and boy friend had made an appointment to will be registered on August 8 marry. As the subway of 5 lines enlightened, what we saw orbit traffic is brought to the life and job is a lot of and convenient. Be in because of the company of male friend country trade, we two plans in the subway the along the line of 10 lines buys a small family model house marriage.
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