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Buy a house, each have each view
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Buy do not buy a house, this is a problem. Face building city to encounter cold, a lot of people that plan to buy a house originally began to hesitate, buy a house now after all appropriate? Actually, this problem and the answer of neither one standard, because buy course of study is of because of the person different, need combines the element such as phase of the financial capacity of each one, life to make comprehensive analysis, although building city is encountered cold, still many person that buy a house enter town actively --

Building city is encountered cold, to buying a house person for, mean new opportunity probably.

Fine house, move when this skill

Mr Zhang prepares to buy the 2nd house in life. The course thinks with all possible means, last month, he with 9000 multivariate / the price of square metre, satisfactory house was bought in happiness. Mr Zhang has 3 to the requirement of the house: Lotus piece layer of area, top, price cannot too tall. He lives in lotus at present, have very much so " lotus complex " ; The room that chooses a layer, it is to go to the lavatory right door model the structure undertakes modification, for example he prepares a bridal chamber among them study of instead of a toilet.

Make Mr Zhang purchase the main factor of the room, it is rare be short of. Although new dish of ceaseless to the limit of one's capacity, but Mr Zhang's favorite lotus piece the division is new dish not much, and he wants to buy a layer, do not have a few in all, the word that takes Mr Zhang says, "Do not move at this moment, be afraid to the opportunity is done not have inside short time. " of course, price just in time also is in the level that Mr Zhang can accept.

Be in current this kind wait-and-see period, the market gets lost buyer's market, they can choose ideal room source leisurely, the person buy a house that has rigid demand more very much begins hesitation: Can house price fall again? Had then " wait a moment again " idea. Actually otherwise, buy a house to want from a sector of an area, door model, the many sided such as community form a complete set considers integratedly, this also is meant, not all house suits him. Resemble buying the clothes, when change garments according to the season is hit when folding, the design that take a fancy to perhaps has been done not have appropriate oneself number. The small Li Ye that same choice moves in the near future has this kind of idea, the clothbound that what she buys is blue bay of region of gold of · of 10 thousand divisions repairs small family model, "This kind of room so a building has, sold did not have. " accordingly, for the person that live oneself to buying a house, appropriate can bear with oneself, buy the prime cause of the room namely.
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